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What Is A Handmade Patchwork Quilt Anyway?


A handmade patchwork quilt is generally a bed covering made up of 3 layers: a quilt top, a layer of batting, plus a layer of fabric meant for backing. The layers are ordinarily combined using the technique of quilting. Quilting is the process of using a needle and thread to join 2 or more layers of fabric. This step could be just practical, otherwise more elaborate, for decoration and design.

Once upon a time a handmade patchwork quilt was made for necessity. Now creating quilts has become an art form. Gifted quilters are called fabric artists instead of the outdated seamstress or quilter. Not only are bed quilts all the rage, but quilted clothing and wall hangings are as well. A handmade patchwork quilt or even a quilt wall hanging may sell for hundreds of dollars and hang on museum walls, not just bed frames. Amish quilts from Pennsylvania in addition to Ohio are particularly sought after, as are vintage and antique quilts.

If you are blessed enough to have inherited or else bought such an heirloom, taking proper care of it can keep furthermore possibly add to its value.

  • Quilts should on no account be saved in plastic bags, cardboard boxes or wooden trunks.
  • A handmade patchwork quilt is supposed to be aired at least twice a year, however not in direct sunlight. Extremely old quilts should be aired level to prevent stressing the stitches. 
  • There is always a danger in washing old material. Spot test it first. If you are using a machine, launder in cold water with a mild detergent as well as a gentle cycle.
  • Dry your quilt resting on a even surface. Using a fan in addition to rotating it may hurry up the drying step.

Quilts all the way through history convey the tales of their period and makers. This is especially true throughout the depression as cloth was rare. Some historians still consider secret messages and codes had been hidden in handmade quilts at different times throughout history. One such tale relates to the Underground Railroad. A specific quilt pattern would signify it was safe for escaping slaves to carry on their journey. Not all historians have faith in this theory, however it is correct that signature quilts ended up being a common means of raising funds both prior along with subsequent to the Civil War. Signatures were added after a donation was made. These quilts are also identified as friendship quilts.

Whilst not all historians have the same opinion on this custom in the earlier period, it is becoming increasingly widespread nowadays. Memory quilts as well as t-shirt quilts are accepted and valued gifts. Technology has even made it achievable to put pictures to cloth. Quilts are still used to raise funds at raffles as well as charity events. Quilt guilds are being formed and are growing at a quick pace, preserving and passing on precious designs and techniques.

If you are a newbie, you can learn to quilt via simple quilt patterns that can easily be found to assist you in developing your own beloved heirloom to be. Quilts are great presents for the person who has the lot, they explain how much you genuinely care not only by what is on the quilt but the time and effort you have taken to create it.